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Galactic Shower Gel - Temporarily out of stock

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Magenta Galactic
Purple Galactic
Blue Galactic
Turquoise Galactic
Jade Galactic
Green Galactic
Kelly Galactic
Lime Galatic
Coral Galactic
Yellow Galactic
Orange Galactic
Lime Galactic

Our Galactic Shower Gel is out of this world!  We create an far-out layered colored gel with a little stardust thrown in for fun!.  Our extra thick, crystal clear, air bubble formula, gently cleanses your birthday suit while carrying moisture to thirsty skin.  Select your primary color and we will layer with others to Galacticize it!

  • Moisturizes while gently cleansing
  • Thick gel foams easily when applied to wet skin
  • Leaves skin smooth with no soapy residue

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