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About Bath Junkie Products

Q: Are Bath Junkie products hypoallergenic and/or safe for sensitive skin?
A: Our products are great for all skin types.  You’re special!  Allergies and sensitivities depend upon the unique body chemistry of each individual.  The fine print – Consumers should read product ingredient labels carefully before use.  Natural and essential ingredients must be used with care.  Many of our products are all natural.  FDA approved anti-microbial, organically and synthetically derived ingredients, colorants and/or fragrances may be added during manufacturing or custom blending.  SLS and parabens have been removed from many of our products. 

Q: Does Bath Junkie participate in animal testing of its products?
A: No. Bath Junkie does not conduct or condone animal testing.  Our products are cruelty free.

Q: Are your products earth friendly?
A: Some of our products contain biodegradable ingredients, which are better for both our bodies and our planet.  

Q: Do you offer refills and recycling of my empty product containers?
A: We always keep it clean, and we want your help keeping it green! Bring back your clean, empty Bath Junkie containers, and we promise to recycle or reuse what we can.
We can refill glass or aluminum packaging & offer a discount on these products when refilled.

Customer Service

Q: May I purchase gift certificates?
A: Yes, gift certificates may be purchased at the Bath Junkie Houston store or on our website, and may be redeemed at the Bath Junkie Houston store. Gift certificates cannot be redeemed at our online store.

Q: How do I book a party at Bath Junkie?
A: Please stop in, call us at (281) 554-2649, or email Visit the Parties page for more details.

Which fragrance(s) did I use in my last creation?
A: We have over 100 fragrances, so we understand if you’re unsure of what you created last time. Ask about placing your fragrance on file for future orders.


Q: How may I request a donation?
A: Please contact our store at (281554-2649 or email Our store has specific participation and contribution levels for community and/or charitable events.

If your question was not addressed above, please contact us at (281554-2649 or