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We offer private after hour parties and parties while our store is open!

Choose from these party packs:

Tub Fun | $30
Each guest receives 16oz bath crystals, 4oz bottle & a bath puffy

Soft and Smooth | $35
Each guest receives 4oz salt scrub, 4oz bottle & 2oz body mist

Sundae Fun Day | $40
Each guest receives bath fizzy sundae, 4oz bottle & 2 oz body mist

Sparklicious | $43
Each guest receives custom lipgloss, 4 oz sparkly lotion, 4 oz sparkle splash


How it works

Private Parties:

At our private parties, you get the store to yourself and we show you how to be a mix master! You get to create your own products behind our counter.

  • Book a private party with a minimum of 6 guests.
  • Bring in your favorite foods and drinks - Food, drinks of any kind and gifts are great!
  • You, your guests and our mix masters will create your products in scents & colors unique to each of you
  • Walk out the door feeling good and smelling great with bath stuff hand-made by you

Open Hour Parties:

Our open hour parties are just as great, especially for luncheons and quick birthday parties before a night out on the town.

At our open hour parties, there could be other guests in the store. You still get to custom scent and color your products, but we will make them for you!


We provide a party table and a food table, as well as table cloths to choose from.

There are no hidden fees! You pay for the products you get, and that's it!

Ages 6+ and a minimum of 6 guests is required.

A deposit is required upon booking to save your spot. We have a one-time fee of $25 if more than 2 mixmasters are needed.

*Refunds are allowed up until two weeks before party date. 

Call us now to book a party at 281-554-2649, or email us at for more information.

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