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Primal Elements Soap

  • 1000

Our Primal Elements Soaps contain over 25% vegetable glycerin.  This moisturizes the skin by creating a rich lather which then rinses clean, leaving the skin silky smooth.  Each bar is shrink-wrapped and great for gift giving.  Made in the USA!

  • Proprietary soap formula is vegan and fee of sodium lauryl sulfate & parabens
  • Made by hand in small batches for optimum fragrance as noted below:
    • Bluebird - Sweet spun sugar on wings of vanilla cotton candy
    • Candy Cane - Peppermint & spearmint accented with the fresh ozonic notes blended with orange, tangerine lily, jasmine & musk
    • Easter Bunny - Juicy notes of crisp apple fragrance this whimsical bar
    • Evil Eye - Effervescent notes of champagne, citrus and lily fragrance this bar that is the talisman for protection
    • Flower Shop - Deep, rich leafy floral compliment a soft base of moss and clove to make a fragrant bouquet perfect for any occasion
    • Garden Gnome - Fruity and sweet notes from our favorite breakfast cereal help our garden gnome start his day with delight
    • Green Frog - The scent of kiwi kisses!
    • Honey Bee - Real honey buzzes through this orange-honey fragranced soap
    • Ladybug - Our lovely ladybug skips through a sunny orange, mimosa and violet fragrance bar.
    • Leopard - Honey, chocolate and caramel are a silky smooth base for a splash of citrus and a soft floral finish
    • Patchouli - The name says it all - pure & uncut patchouli
    • Pickleball - Just Dink It! This bar features a watery fresh fragrance with crisp green notes and sliced citrus on a bed of cedarwood and vanilla.
    • Pink Pig - Pink Lemonade bathes our pretty pink pig
    • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Fresh picked pumpkin and buttery crust with a twist of citrus and a hint of spice
    • Red Coral - Pink Jasmine, sweet pea and lily of the valley intertwine with sparking bergamot and citron
    • Rocket Ship - Blast off with our Rocket Ship soap.  This out of the world soap bar features the effervescent notes of juicy lemon and tangy lime
    • Smooches - Bathe in kisses with this romantic champagne and strawberries bar.
    • Special Delivery -  A sweet bundle of joy wrapped in a blanket of powdery fresh scent
    • Sunflower - A burst of sunshine in a bright floral bouquet
    • Sunrise Sunset - Brightly bursting on the scene! Greet the day with sunny citrus and a floral finish
    • Waffle Cone - Get the scoop of sweet and creamy vanilla goodness
    • Fish/Mermaid in a Bag - Small parts - not suitable for children under 3 years 

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