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Private Party Deposit

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We offer private after hour parties and open hour parties while our store is open!

How it works

Private Parties:

At our private parties, you get the store to yourself and we show you how to be a mix master! You get to create your own products behind our counter.

  • Book a private party with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 guests
  • Bring in your favorite foods and drinks - Food, drinks of any kind and gifts are great!
  • You, your guests and our mix masters will create your products in scents & colors unique to each of you
  • Walk out the door feeling good and smelling great with bath stuff hand-made by you
  • We provide a party table and a food table, as well as table cloths to choose from
  • A $100 deposit is required upon booking to save your spot. We have a one-time fee of $25 if more than 2 mixmasters are needed.

Choose from these after hour party packs:

Tub of Fun | $35
Each guest receives 12oz bath crystal cup and 4oz bottle

Oh So Smooth | $40
Each guest receives 8oz salt scrub and 4oz bottle

Sparklicious | $45
Each guest receives custom lip gloss, 4 oz sparkly lotion and 4 oz sparkle splash

Don't see your date?  Call or text us at 281-554-2649, or email us at for more information.