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Primal Elements Shampoo Bar

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Every year, more than thirteen million tons of plastic are dumped and most of that ends up in our oceans. Even if your bottles are made from recyclable materials; the chance of that happening is very little. As the first certified sustainable business in Huntington Beach, California, Primal Elements is pleased to introduce their ShampooBar™. Formulated for mildness, without those ingredients that can cause irritation to the scalp, these bars are gentle enough to use everyday and offer a frothy lather that leaves hair clean. Since there is no plastic bottle to dispose of, these portable ShampooBar™ do their part to help with the environmental impact.

  • Bamboo Charcoal - Detoxifies with notes of sliced citrus, crisp herbs and delicate amber
  • Honey Almond - Sweet honey and almond with a hint of vanilla

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